Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Destination Imagination Reflections

5. What do you think are the things that your team had done well and the areas whereby your team will need to improve in order to do better?


  1. We could have rehearsed more as a team and plan our time more wisely in order to complete the whole project on time. We should have not spent so much time on polishing our props.

    Challenge C
    Team Members: KJ Shakti, Lucas Chia, Wei Chern, Vivek, Elijah

  2. Things we did well: Cooperating with one another, most team members being present for meetings
    Areas we need to improve on: Memorising and rehearsing more, spend more time on making more props, adding more lines to meet the full timing

    Challenge C: Casandra, Yan Jin, Nadiah, Nur Nadiah and Khim

  3. We had good teamwork and improvisation, where we could quickly generate ideas to a solution. How ever, we need to be more on task and not procrastinate.

    Jin Hao

  4. i think my team was the most prepared in terms of materials and main layout of the skit , but i think the other groups were more prepared for the unexpected problem

    my group is me, keith and pravani from 205

  5. I think our team is good at coming up with ideas, relating to creativity, even though not all were able or realistic to be used. Improvements are practically our attention span, and time management as we were being stressed by time lots of the time as whenever we held a meeting, half of the group ended up screwing around and not focusing on task.

    Challenge A. Group: Javin, Iskandar, Hakeem and Lionel.