Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Destination Imagination Reflections

4. Comment on the performance of your team highlighting the high and low points.


  1. We believe that our props were visually stunning and our modes of travelling combined with our side trip was innovative. However, we could have touched up on our acting skills together as a team and rehearse together more often.

    Challenge C
    Team Members: KJ Shakti, Lucas Chia, Wei Chern, Vivek, Elijah

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  3. High points: Quite confident, good and strong teamwork, committed to the project, we worked well and enjoyed ourselves

    Low points: Time management skills (We rushed our work), not spontaneous and creative enough, Forgetting part of our script, did not fully utilise our time

    Challenge C: Casandra, Yan Jin, Nadiah, Nur Nadiah and Khim

  4. We work well together but may get distracted easily. But we can also quick to improvise and generate ideas.

    Jin Hao

  5. The high points that we actually managed to get the needed materials, as well as the very first time that we have actually brought up the tower, for once as it was one of our happy and achievement that we felt very successful about and considered a milestone for us, as well as making the grabber working. But we were also very disappointed when we were not able to actually present our tower as half of our materials are gone, taken by someone. There were a lot of times that we had changed our materials and it was not working over and over and over again so we had to rethink and rethink to be able to finally get the final tower to work. There were times where we did not agree with one another than fights were started which ended up in bad relationships between one another.

    -Group: Iskandar, Hakeem, Javin and Lionel. Challenge A.

  6. my team was rather great at improvising within the skit, but that was only due to our lack of the ability to think of a proper scheme within the 5-minute time limit.
    my team is keith and pravani from 205