Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Destination Imagination Reflections

1. After having gone through the DI programme, what do you think are the objectives of the programme? List the objectives and explain if they have been achieved?


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  2. The objectives were to stretch our imagination and to use creativity to create an innovative product that would wow audiences. We felt that we have achieved the objectives by showcasing our full potential and dedication through our skit.

    Challenge C
    Team Members: KJ Shakti, Lucas Chia, Wei Chern, Vivek and Elijah

  3. I think that the objectives of the programme is to challenge our critical thinking, creativity and spontaneous, especially through the Instant Challenges. Also, it is to give us an exposure of competitions that we could take part in if we are good enough. The objectives have been achieved, as we have learnt to be quick in thinking of ideas within a short period of time.

    Challenge C, Casandra, Yan Jin, Nadiah, Nur Nadiah and Khim

  4. To Think out of the box, and think of new ways to solve problems and teamwork.

    Yes, we created and finished the challenge through unconventional meathods and we did it as a team.

    Jin Hao

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  6. To be able to create an innovative and creative solution to solve a problem and also to promote innovation on schools.

    No, we were not able to finish the challenge as we did not have enough time to finish building the tower

    Challenge A
    Group: Iskandar, Javin, Lionel, Hakeem

  7. I think that the objective is to improvise on the presentation and innovate a different idea altogether like an unexpected problem in the Mythology Mission. Our objectives is to improvise on our problem and work better with it. Our objectives has been completed.

    Challenge D
    Group: Keith, KS, and Pravani