Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Destination Imagination Reflections

8. Is there anything that you want to comment on the programme like the strengths (areas that were done well) or weaknesses (areas that were not done so well) or suggestions for improvement?


  1. The programme allows us to come up with different innovative and creative ways to solve a problem. It also allows us to train our "quick-thinking" skills.

    cn2yk: Casandra, YanJin, Nadiah, Nur Nadiah and Khim
    Challenge: Triple Take

  2. The program should have more varieties of techinal challenges of diffrent difficulties as this challenge was still qyite hard and challenging to accomplish by our standards.

    Jin Hao

  3. Strengths: The challenges were interesting and doable, the topic of the instant challenge is unrelated to the item given, giving it a higher difficulty level.
    Weaknesses: The time given for this project is too short, the challenges have different difficulty levels, while some seems to be easier than the other

    Challenge C: Casandra, Yan Jin, Nadiah, Nur Nadiah and Khim

  4. Strengths: The challenges were very interesting and unique. It forces my group members and I to think out of the box and fit things that are totally unrelated together.

    Weaknesses: The time to prepare for this project is quite short. If it was longer, my group members and I would have done a better performance.

    ~Challenge C~
    Casandra, Yan Jin, Nadiah, Yan Jin and Khim

  5. Strengths: The challenge was feasible and engaging. It makes my team to bond more and test our skills of creativity and critical thinking; out of the box.

    Weakness: We did not fully use our time to complete the challenge.

  6. Strengths: The challenge was fun as we could think of creative and sometimes crazy ideas for our challenge.
    Weaknesses: We should have been given a bit more time to complete our challenge as we had other projects and homework that we were busy with.

    Challenge C
    Group members: KJ Shakti, Lucas Chia, Wei Chern, Vivek, Elijah Wong